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Company Profile

  Shandong Haorui Decoration Materials Co., LTD is a company of household decoration, car carpets and other decoration materials. It is a modernized company that integrates the professional design, research and development, production, sales and service of carpets. The company introduced advanced equipment technology, with production capacity of 200000 square meters of knitting jacquard carpet and 300000 square meters of loop-pile carpets. The carpets made of orlon, blended yarn, nylon, polypropylene BCF yarn and other raw materials have good quality and novel design, which can bring elegance and gorgeous, warmth and happiness to your house, and add brilliance to your luxurious car. In order to meet the individual requirements for medium and high grade carpets and mats at home and abroad, the company adopts advanced carpet equipment to produce high, medium, and low grade engineering, household, car decoration and home decoration carpets according to the unique requirements of different users, and use a variety of textile raw materials to combine unrestrictedly to produce in batch. With advanced technology and equipment for unique combination, strict scientific management, rapid product innovation ability, and high quality service, the company sincerely hopes to cooperate with the national counterparts, and create a beautiful future in carpet industry in China.